Seued Condom Storage Case

Brand: Amore Sutra
Product Code: LCSB517
Weight: 660.00g
Dimension: 8.00in x 6.50in x 2.00in
Availability: In Stock
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•The box is classy, compact and easy to carry.

•The condoms are stored in safe and dry environment.      

•Classy high quality brown suede leather a sheer symbol of solid relationships and vitality.

•It is most suitable for those who believe in being dependable.

•It s a perfect tool for seduction and adds to the passion and energy of the moment.

•It adds vibrancy and sensuality to the space.

•This box can be stored anywhere night stand, bedside drawer ,a closet even in  dash board of a car.

•It can store 12 condoms and has a separate space for utilities like spray and lubricant.

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