Condom Case -Blue Wood &Brass Capacity 24 Condoms

Brand: Amore Sutra
Product Code: S4P417
Weight: 1,150.00g
Dimension: 7.00in x 7.00in x 3.00in
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Material:  Handcrafted wooden box with brass and Copper.


•     Brass plate is engraved with mantras of Kama Dev the Indian god of Love.

•     Copper plate is engraved in symbols of all the seven chakras as per the Vedic traditions.

•     The wooden box is painted black in representation of strength and vigor.

•     The mantras evoke love and passion and bestows energy and bliss on the users; and the chakras remind the true nature of sexual union.

•     A one of its kind design inspired from ancient Vedic traditions and KamaSutra.

•     The sides of the box are also embellished with mantra engraved in brass. 

•     The entire design of the box has mantras and motifs derived from ancient Vedic traditions and KamaSutra.

•     The box has been given an antique look.

•     It is a perfect piece to act as one of the surrounding for tantra.    

•     The box is classy, compact and easy to carry.

•     The condoms are stored in safe and dry environment.      

•     This box can be stored anywhere, night stand, bedside drawer or a closet.

•     The box has a locking facility as well.     

•     It is a perfect wedding gift. Something the couple will remember and cherish for the rest of their lives.   

Capacity:  The box can house 24 condoms in four different compartments of 6 each. It also has a separate compartment for storing spray, lubricants etc. 

Shape: Rectangular

Gender utility: Men/Women/ LGBT

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