Copper And Wood Candle Stand

Brand: Amore Sutra
Product Code: CCS117
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Solid Sheesham wood Candle Stand, Jacketed with Handcrafted Hammered Design of Copper

Material: Handcrafted Copper infused Wooden Candle Stands.


•Solid wood Sheesham jacketed with handcrafted hammered design of Copper.

• It is sleek  yet very elegant.- well suited for romantic moments.

•A very simplistic yet luxurious design.

•Ideal for gifting, comes in a beautiful gift box with elegant packaging.

•Candle holders  are very classy . They simply look gorgeous on any table or in any room.

•The Copper top can with stand any temperature range caused by burning of candles.

• The  subtle combination of metal and wood makes this candle stand  a pleasing and a balanced composition.

 •Available in a pair only.

Shape: Cylindrical- Stump Candle Stands.


Taller size : width of base: 6.5 cms, height:15 cms , width of brass candle holder:7.5 cms

Shorter: Width of base : 6.5cms ,height: 11.5cms, width  of brass candle holder:7.5cms


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