Kamadev Rati Yantra Panch Dhatu

Brand: Amore Sutra
Product Code: KDRY517
Weight: 3,000.00g
Dimension: 13.50in x 13.50in x 6.50in
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Key Features

  • Kama Dev Rati Yantra is handcrafted from five different metals Copper, Brass, Silver, Iron & Zinc.
  • Kama dev and Rati are meditated & worshiped together to fulfill all desires of love and prosperity.
  • Traditional Indian  vedic "Kama Dev Rati Mantra" engraved on it evokes healthy sex life, thus making partners bond more effectively.
  • It brings romance to  life and the wisdom to help sustain love, thus bringing you nothing but happiness. 
  • It also helps to bring wealth and riches at home because more love is tied to more prosperity at home. Kama Dev Rati Yantra exudes positive energy & enhances the beauty of the entire home.
  • The yantra for love lets you forget about any kind of grudge or hatred that you held inside you for a long time and opens up gateways for reviving old relationships with people you love and care for.
  • The yantra for love also helps to bring in healthy babies into the family because they are a result of a genuine love connecting two spirits.

Ideal for gifting. Comes in a beautiful & sturdy gift box with elegant packaging.

13.5 inch Radius/Width and 6.5 inch Height

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